Freelance Tax Consultant- min 6 months-start asap!=> closed

Posted 2 years ago

For one of her clients, situated in Brussels, Youphoria is looking for a Freelance Tax Consultant- min 6 months-start asap!


Tax assistance in obtaining a tax ruling( from the Austrian tax administration) with respect to a the contemplated merger of an insurance company .This entails among others the corporate income tax consequences and transfer pricing post-merger. Requested services include the preparation of a pre-filing meeting with the Austrian tax administration, conducting the pre-filing meetings, drafting the ruling request and submitting it and the review of the unilateral APA. Next to these services, the service supplier needs to adjust and / or update the benchmark studies that have been made and provide input on the OECD method of profit allocation to insurance branches (post-merger).

Finally, the service supplier should provide all merger tax compliance work, such as drafting of a tax merger balance sheet, all necessary notifications and registrations, document tax attributes and file the last corporate tax return prior to the merger.


Specialized tax consultants with detailed knowledge of Austrian and international  tax aspects of the insurance industry and transfer pricing rules applicable on profit allocation to insurance branches.


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